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Pope Benedict XVI and Gianni Alemanno

Relic, Icon or Idol

Pope Prays in Front Of Shroud of Turin If thousands and thousands of people venerate the shroud, he said,……….

He wants you there

Pope Benedict says Shroud of Turin authentic burial robe of Jesus Pope Benedict XVI delivers his message during a meeting with youths in San Carlo Square in Turin, Italy, Sunday.

He wants your children there

so he can punish them spiritually for ratting on him!

Pope endorses Turin Shroud (“Benedict’s meditation – delivered after he prayed as if in a trance before the shroud“)


Pope Benedict endorses the Turin scam (“For Protestants, it represents an ambiguous and commercial operation, typical of religion that is seen as an instrument of political power,” Platone said.”)

Pope: Shroud is an ‘icon drawn in blood’ (“During a visit to the Shroud on Sunday, he said the cloth was a symbol of “the most radical solidarity”)


and his friends!

(For a day and a half, Jesus’s body lay dead in the tomb and it appeared as if God had hidden himself from the world, the Pope said.)

What about the sign of Jonah?  3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a great whale!


Pope: Catholics should be ready for martyrdom in a secular society

“And so the Church has a profound need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn, on the one hand, forgiveness, but also the necessity of justice. And forgiveness does not substitute justice. We have to relearn these essentials: conversion, prayer, penance.”

He wants you to martyr yourself for his IMAGE!

Maybe Rachel’s martyrs will do the trick? That way everyone will look the other way!

Israel flotilla action criticised by friends and foes

Rachel Corrie’s Dreams



I think Pope Benedict has gone off the deep-end and is in need of a big dose of truth!



Sounds like the Pope wants everyone else to suffer at the same time creating solidarity and consolidating with him (circling the wagons) to give him the strength and be his martyrs for his church.

By supporting him and his throne, he gets stronger as he condemns his own people spiritually. More than likely, hoping you will pay for the churches sins by visiting his cloth and venerating it, hence venerating him, disobeying the 2nd Commandment i.e. disobeying God and bringing in lots of money.

Next thing you know, he will be blaming the JEWS, but he will do it with his PROPAGANDA MACHINE the VATICAN AND HIS JESUITS and whoever else aligns with him! Pretty soon THE BOHEMIAN GROVERS and his burning Bush will come to his defense! And then he will get his legions to attack everyone that resists his UNIVERSAL RELIGION and expect you to bow down to his shroud, the eucharist, and some bones he has found.

You ought to read the book of Daniel which I believe is applicable to the situation this Pope is creating for his church and eventually others.

How about that world government with teeth he so vigorously strove for now seems to be biting him. But if he travels enough, panders to his own people a bunch, asks them to contribute i.e. taking part in his plans, he will gain the support he needs

to turn IT around

and use the teeth you give him.

Thousands flock to Vatican to show support for Pope Benedict XVI over child sex abuse scandal

“Benedict said he was comforted by such a “beautiful and spontaneous show of faith and solidarity” and again denounced what he called the “sin” that has infected the church and needs to be purified….

“We want to show our solidarity to the pope and transmit the message that single individuals make mistakes but institutions, faith and religion cannot be questioned,” Alemanno told Associated Press Television News. “We will not allow this.”

Luca Colussi, from the farmers’ union Coldiretti, said abuse allegations must be fully investigated. “But as far we’re concerned, our members will always remain close to the Pope as we share the same values.”

Thousands flock to Vatican to back pope on abuse scandal

“Citing estimates from Vatican police, the Vatican press office said 150,000 people had turned out for the demonstration organized by an association of 68 Italian lay groups.”


And if they didn’t show up to support Pope Benedict?  Then what? I would bet their lively hood depends on it!

Teeth ………> Gianni Alemanno



ALE means: Type the WOVEN FABRIC you wish to transfer of the body of a saint the Lower World. ale

MANNO means: ratio, modus

NO means: to swim, float, fly, sail

I had to do this translation on line from Latin to english and when I typed ALE that was what came up in the little  box, so I did it a second time to double-check because it was kind of a freaky answer. The second time I put in the word ALE  it said it had no translation for ALE

Well, thats kind of weird!

Which reminds me of a post called Tell No Man (Please Read)

I think Gianni Alemanno needs to read Tell No Man!

It is Kind of strange and coincidental, In my opinion!

IRONY :  The more the POPE and his Priests try to keep things quiet the more they publish it.

Mark 7:36
And he charged them that they should
tell no man: but the more he charged them, so much the more a great deal they published it;

I wonder if Matthew, Mark and Luke’s rendition of Jesus was talking

to Gianni Alemanno and the Pope?


What does Pope Benedict mean by ‘purified’?

Torture? Indulgences? Bowing down to and idol?



Citing estimates from Vatican police, the Vatican press office said 150,000 people had turned out for the demonstration organized by an association of 68 Italian lay groups.”

I would hardly call that a spontaneous show of support! 68 Italian lay groups of “an association”  is quite impressive.

Would love to know what association that is that could get 150,000 people to applaud a church sexually abusing kids.

That is amazing.

Union bosses! wow

Read more: Thousands flock to Vatican to back pope over abuse

“The true enemy to fear and to fight against is sin, the spiritual evil that unfortunately sometimes infects even members of the church,” he said.

Talk about a veiled threat!

I knew he would eventually get to that!

Authors defend Pope Benedict, say sex crisis will mold legacy

“Q: Why can’t Benedict just fire bishops who protected abusive priests and make new rules for the whole church?”

“E: The Catholic church is not a multinational corporation with bishops as branch managers that the pope can hire, fire and mandate actions. It’s much more complicated. In history and canon law, bishops are descendents of the apostles. It would be like Peter firing James. … But it’s pretty clear that he is chiding the bishops as a group and individually. There’s definitely some steel there.”

How can this author say the above?

Are Bishops allowed to marry women?

How can the bishops be descendants of the apostles ?  Osmosis?

The Roman Catholic Church is Hype!!!!!!!!!And so are their apologists!

This is what I am talking about in the links above. This is what I call retribution time to follow for families because this can of worms will turn on us.

This is the Roman way!

Paul’s way!


To prove our devotion to his rendition of Jesus Christ he will require that we worship



The Shroud of Turin!


(talk about premeditated and predictable!!!!)

By the way the bishops are not descendants of the true apostles! GAG

I won’t be surprised if there are attacks on Catholics (but by his own legions) blaming his enemies.

That ploy seems to have been used by many world leaders and I bet he tries that one.

IF he cared for you he would not want you to break the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD! He is supposed to be the leader of a church, and he, by his example, is promoting idolatry and bowing to a monument that his church has made of a cloth that no one knows where it came from or who is in the image. Maybe he is just a pawn of his position, maybe not. I do not know the man, but he has reenergized the act of indulgences, which is ridiculous. Now he asserts that the shroud IS the image of Jesus Christ. How does he know that? No one knows what Jesus Christ looked like. That image could be of someone very evil that he is praying to. It could be the IMAGE OF THE BEAST.

The SHROUD is not a person.  It is a cloth.


same thing goes for the EUCHARIST!

And for the tourists who say they don’t worship an idol, but just want to see it, by doing so you are supporting the possible idolatry of others, at the very least the Pope’s idolatry, and eventually the possible enforcement of others to bow down to an image on a cloth.

Leviticus 26:1 Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God.

I believe that the bible is talking to Roman Catholics in Revelation 18:4!

Revelation 18:4

4And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.


Where are the leaders of the other christian religions? Why are they not speaking up about bowing down to the Shroud of Turin? What, who and why are they afraid to speak up?


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